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... and I want to share some information about it with you.

Long, long ago...

I was fit and healthy. I was member of 3 gyms. I only ate fresh, vegan food, counted calories and only drank water and tea. I had healthy habits like daily meditation, breathing practice and saved money every month. I could say that this was the peak of my physical and mental health, but this has changed, sadly. And here is why...

It all started with a foot injury and a job without perspective

Strong habits only build over time, so do bad habits. Due a foot injury I couldn't do cardio, dead lifts or other standing exercises. Even bench-pressing wasn't possible due the missing stability. So, my gym routine got screwed over and I had to pause. What did my weak ass do while this pause? – Eat more shit. As I mentioned before I'd lived vegan and I started to eat cheese again. Just once a week. Then twice a week. Then more fast food and sugar and so on, you get the picture. Besides this really frustrating fact I just had started a new job in which I had almost no perspective. I've learned almost nothing, the majority of coworkers weren't really supportive/ motivated and the CEO seemed to live in another world. It was a hopeless situation but for 2 years I've thought I could change a damn thing, but they proved me wrong. I think a lot of people can relate to this feeling . This was almost 3 years ago and from then I went down hill. I won't talk about other problems I've had, but those were the main problems I can talk about.

My current situation

In a short period of time I've gained over 35kg. I don't go to the gym any more, I eat exclusively fast food, industrial produced food and snacks. I spend way too much money on things I don't need and could save way more money. I've ignored my mental health and you can believe me: I really regret it.

This is currently the worst time of my life, but I am happy that I have the will to change my situation. That is at least something, right?

Fat2Fit – The Project

So, as I mentioned a blog post before I am not really creative in regards of names, so I picked the first name that crossed my mind. I like the name tho. The main goal is to improve my physical and mental health. This should be a great way to get my life back on track.

The execution – Stage 1

As I mentioned before strong habits are build over time and it is impossible (at least for me) to start where I've left almost 3 years ago. Start small, finish big. Stage 1 will start tomorrow and will be active until the end of March.

  • Vegan Fck it, it is easier than a lot of people think and – for me – the smallest problem. Not recommended for beginners. Why? It simply doesn't make fun this way.
  • No caffeine This will hurt. I currently drink at least 3 liters of energy drings/ soft drinks + coffee at work, but it is bad (in this amount)
  • Going to the gym At least once a week, but I will try to do it more often and do more cardio.
  • Daily meditation I miss to meditate, but my 'inner me' is an asshole.

This is Stage 1 for now. It won't be fun, but it will be worth it, I know it. We all have to start somewhere. I've just bought a calender to keep track of my progress. I plan to build a web app for that, but not for now.

I've already got some ideas for Stage 2, but we will see how Stage 1 is going to be.


I believe this is a great way to start over. It won't be easy nor will it make fun at the beginning, but I used to love the healthy lifestyle, just the beginning really sucks. I try to share my progress every two weeks, but I have to find a 'readers friendly way' to do so.


Was really fit and healthy, kinda successful. Foot injury, job situation and personal problems have started bad habits. Got fat, lazy and frustrated. I want to change it by changing my habits again. Stage 1: Vegan, no caffeine, more sport, daily meditation until the end of March.


Best regards Dom

Disclaimer: Not a native speaker. Found a spelling error, grammar mistake or other bullshit? – Feel free to share your feedback!

What is WorkWorkWorkTV?

I sometimes ask me the same question to be frank with you. I would call it a collaboration stream at this point. The plan is to build a 24/7 stream in which calming/ relaxing background music is played and you can work along with other people live on stream. And it is really easy to get involved: just connect the webcam to the stream and work on your stuff. I later will describe how it works. Feel free to visit past broadcasts to make have an impression of the stream Twitch Videos

The motivation of this project

By accident I've discovered this Youtube channel named “24/7/365 Study With Me”. I was curious and was hooked instantly. This concept still fascinates me and I thought that this is a great project for the European area since such streams are often only live in the Korean timezone. Anyway I started to connect my webcam and began to work along with other people and I got more stuff done then the weeks before. It somehow works for me.

I've made a similar experience some time earlier and it could be a possible explanation. I love to work in cafés or in company with other people. It motivates me a lot when I see people work on their projects and I think I am not alone with this. Besides this I like to have some kind of background noise. I am used to it and it helps me to concentrate and focus on the task. My favorites so far: Lo-fi hiphop streams and recordings of rain.

I think the main goal here is to motivate people – including me – to work on projects or to study. A lot of tasks are 'boring' and and this stream may brings some motivation.

The name

I am not really creative and I don't like to choose a name as I have problems to commit to something. The name had to fulfill some criteria:

  • I like the name
  • It is easy to remember, but is still quiet unique
  • Domain name, Twitter & Twitch handles are this available

Despite the length of its name the simplicity of it makes it quiet memorable in my opinion. As I mentioned before I am not really creative when it comes to names. Best example: “AverageDom”. A lot of generic names like “LetsStudyTV”, “WorkTogether” and similar names were taken before and I am not sure whether I'd have taken one of those as I didn't really like those.

How it works (pre 24/7 stream)

The setup

I currently run the stream on my main machine with OBS. It works for now but since my machine won't run 24/7 it isn't really be suited to be the 24/7 solution. I will tackle this topic in a separate blog post as soon I worked on a solution. Current functions:

  • Recording of rain (I will try out various sounds in the future. open to suggestions)
  • Webcam capture screen of appear.in. Current limit: 4 users. Can be extended to 12+
  • Local time (will add various timezones)
  • What am I working on?

More upcoming features will be listed in the road map.

How to get involved

It is really simple.

  1. Visit appear.in/wwwtv when the stream is live
    • Browser only (no software needed)
    • No registration necessary
    • Free
    • Need a webcam
  2. Allow the browser to use your webcam
  3. Done + start working

Recommendations: Deactivate your mic + sound of the appear.in room You obviously don't have to connect your webcam. Just work along and enjoy the company


Use common sense & work in peace. I have to think about it, but keep it “child friendly”. No nudity, no racism, no harassment... I have to work on this part to keep the stream 'troll free'.

The road map

As I mentioned before I have problems to commit to something. I am aware of the fact that this project need to get some traction before it makes sense and because of this I've decided to keep this project alive for at least 12 months.

Priority 1:

  • Preparation for the 24/7 stream
    • Technical setup (hosting, stream setup. stream layout)
    • Content to stream (recordings)
    • Moderation (Rules, restriction)
  • Schedule *When will I be live? *
  • Rudiment homepage (WorkWorkWork.Tv)
  • Promodoro timer

Priority 2:

  • Branding
  • Web app for the community to keep track of projects
  • Automated social media feed

Ideas/ Questions:

  • What background music?
  • Rules + restrictions
  • Multi platform stream? (Youtube, Mixer, Caffeine,...)
  • Stream on homepage? (Hoster, bandwidth,...)
  • Upload vods on other platforms?
  • Homepage multilingual?
  • Summary of study/ work tips


So far I really enjoy to work on this project and as you see there has a lot of work to be done.

Feel free to join the stream at any point. For further information or questions and suggestions just follow me on the following channels:

Upcoming: Homepage + e-mail

Feel free to reach out so share your feedback, share tips or just for the sake of a good conversation.

So, the last couple of month I've gained over 30 kg (~60 pounds), build some bad habits, got lazy and lost contact with a couple of friends. Why? I am not really sure. Small bad habits – like eating more fast food. less sport and such – sneaked into my life at some point and they gained a lot of momentum. A month a ago I was at the lowest point of my life (so far), but I've somehow managed to crawl out of this hole and decided to find a new job, start new projects and work on myself again. And here we are.

Getting fat and being lazy is easy

And that is the point I am going to 'exploit'. I ate so much shit, stopped going to the gym. stopped to meditate, got lazy and so on and I think the cause for this is some kind of self-hatred. I mean, I could learn to love myself, but instead I am going to try to exploit my self-hatred. But how?

Eating healthy is draining. Going to the gym is exhausting. Take time for the mental health feels like wasting time. Cold showers are awful. Right? – I really used to 'love' these activities, but this time I try another approach. According to my self-hatred I only deserve things that make me uncomfortable. These things are making me uncomfortable. And here we start 'the journey'.

'Be a man'

I started to bitch about the smallest things, got sick all the time, had no discipline and that has to change, immediately. I have some ideas how to improve my current mindset, which I will present you in a bit.

'Hard Choices, Easy Life. Easy Choices, Hard Life'

I can confirm this quote. It isn't worth to live like a fat couch potato. I can directly compare two lifestyles. Healthy, fit, successfully vs always sick, fat, lazy. Only one path works in the long run, and we all know it.

My 'self-hatred' routine & rules


Going to gym again for at least 3 times a week. Daily at least 5000+ steps.


No fast food. No sugar. No caffeine. No bread. :(

Water + tea +healthy food

Mental health

Daily meditation. Less video games (some kind of draining addiction). Read at least 15 minutes daily. Get rid of big time wasters e.g. gaming PC and other stuff.

New projects

This blog + documentation of my 'journey' to motivate other people. #Fit2Fat

WorkWorkWorkTV. Network for people to work 'together' (going to publish a separated blog post later on).

Build a web app to document the progress for everyone.


Get fit and don't be a little bitch. I would be happy when I motivate other people with this, but I am going to do it anyway. In some way I will suffer, but in a good way. I guess.

I am going to publish more posts here onAverageDom.com and share frequently updates on Twitter & the Fediverse.